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By Daemos

Prophet (2063)

Аватар пользователя Daemos

09-04-2021, 09:17

A vdp that can be soldered in place without any tricks needed that is 100% backwards compatible but with new snes capable screen modes and unlimited sprites. Chip will have ram built in and allows dma.

Pcm chip with dedicated ram so it plays the samples independently from the cpu. Out your data once set the commands and go.

No wait states during out and all hardware can deal with that.

By ren

Paragon (1934)

Аватар пользователя ren

09-04-2021, 11:11

... that the most skilled / representative developers & designers came together to design & create the definitive modern MSX retro computer with little to no compromises.

With of course special love for audio circuitry, hw-level possibility to mix/balance chips, high quality DAC and/or digital out. Leaving video out in the middle (though it could e.g. have analog out, and for digital out/upscaling one could e.g. use the OSSC.)

Of course fully backwards compatible.

It would feel like '8 to 16 bit', be much fun to develop for, and attract loads of developers Cool
Pretty much a fully specced (originally envisioned) MSX3 (maybe just a little bit beefier) with additional interfacing for the modern age.

Perhaps flaws / shortcomings / much desired features of the familiar chips (like e.g. Grauw mentioned) could be fixed/implemented somehow, so that a seasoned developer could immediately take advantage of that. A new release would then possibly have a version for legacy & new MSX. Hannibal Face

By erpirao

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Аватар пользователя erpirao

09-04-2021, 11:23

well, let's see and be "realistic"
1983: msx is not launched
1984: msx with v9938, z80at 3.57/stock 5.37 / turbo, ram 32KB minimum,
Vram 64 Minimum, slot dedicated to ram with mapper up to 256KB
main slot: 62 contacts, external cpu signal enabled, video input in slot, stereo sound input slot
goal: + $ 50 per unit.
1985: no msx2, MSX-> MSX2 expansion card
1987: msx2
goal: 300$ computer (as amiga500)
vdp: 9958 with new pattern mode (4 col per line), pattern sprites (4 col line), up to 64 sprites, blitter x2 9938, up to 256KB Vram, pattern mode in 512x212.
cpu: z800 / z280, 2 modes, native, and extended, extended mode with linear ram management, use of the
RAM: minimum 128KB mapped for z80, with ram expansion slot up to 1MB, (other expansions in main slot)
sound: PSG + ym2413 as standard
1988: no msx2 +, low cost MSX-> MSX2 expansion card, all MSX2 integration in engine including VDP
1989: MSX 2 & 1: x2 upgrade of msx2 double cpu speed, RAM speed, VDP with minimal upgrades (palette, and hd modes for production), dual FM, MSX3 readiness
MSX3, conforming to existing cpu, s, Z280 upgrade, RAM upgrade, 9990 level VDP upgrade, MSX2 & 1 engine integration. FM ym2413 + y8950 stereo.
note: the bus of all generations is fixed at 5.37mhz, turbo modes at 10.74, the sound is FM ym2413 + y8950 from msx2, or improved y8950, without reaching opl2, video cards from the first MSX can send video to computer through 5 reserved pins (r + g + b + syc + gnd), stereo sound through 2 reserved pins (lft + rgt), external cpu, s can be added through reserved signals. , SLOT of 62 contacts.

today, with what exists:
production of the SLT-turbo in europe.
"virtua racing" cartridge for MSX, flashrom cartridge with stm32 as coprocessor for calculation in games / soft, to be used as a "superFX", or "SVP", cheap cartridge with ascii16 max 4MB mapper, with the possibility of compression on the fly with the coprocessor.

By BignellaMSX

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Аватар пользователя BignellaMSX

17-04-2021, 18:22

my old Toshiba HX-10 worked Sad

By imqqmi

Supporter (12)

Аватар пользователя imqqmi

26-04-2021, 09:45

The one thing that's missing for MSX is a proper (one, two, three?) co-processors for memory, audio, graphics and external communication all with dma and without hogging the msx bus. The Amiga, Atari and current PC's would be nothing without them, so why not for an MSX? An expansion that doesn't need (much?) modification to the MSX and is fully mod/dev friendly and open source.

MSX2 color bus to HDMI converter, something like the hdmi converter from the Amiga (based on Denise and PI Zero). With proper scaling, filtering, optional scan line simulation etc. An ADC to convert the audio to digital to be sent along the HDMI cable fully synced.

An interactive debugger (dbg?) for MSX with a connection to the PC where you can see the (C, assembler) source code, set breakpoints, single step, step into, step out of etc through code, read out variables and registers etc. Software to setup the ide easily.

Interactive, graphical (cartridge) hardware design software where you have a typical MSX bus system build in, with drag and drop, a node editor to link together blocks of logic etc. slots, memory mappers, video, audio, communication all build in as components. Spits out a schematic, vhdl and stub c code to write drivers for newly added hardware. Simulator/emulator to prototype and test. Compatibility and design rules checker.

Google translate built into the msx, so we can play Japanese and Korean games in our own language be it English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish etc without having to learn another language Smile

By friguron

Master (188)

Аватар пользователя friguron

03-05-2021, 00:01

Manuel wrote:

...the 8-bit guy starting to love the MSX

Hahaha, I phisically LOL-ed at this one...

In a more serious tone, It's a pity that non-msx people from non-msx countries (the typical bunch: USA, UK, et al.) seem to be specially indiferent towards MSX, but hey, it's just they don't seem to "grasp" the whole concept behind it. Well, they never lived it, fair enough... Their demos consist of just turning some MSX-1 on and then run some silly game already published on some other platform, carefully chosen for their audience to compare both versions...

They never manage to load Space Manbow, Knightmare, F1-Spirit, SD-Snatcher, some Shalom, Aleste 2, some amazing MSX-1 modern homebrew, MSX-2 JRPG .dsk sagas... Of course, trying to do this without the original games is a challenge nowadays though, It's far beyond any MSX novice user... Or someone lends them some SD-Cartridge solution, or they will never check the MSX potential with their own eyes.

For them an MSX it's a strange ColecoVision/TI-99 computer (which they already used and recall), so they don't know they're just scratching the surface when doing "deep" reviews of "our" machine. Their typical MSX demos consist into invariably running 1983 games... Gosh...

RMC comes also to my mind... He had a properly confugured YAMAHA MSX some weeks ago (with all the MIDI stuff and keyboard and bells and whistles properly configured), and he just cluelessly stayed in front of it doing "nothing" with it.
I died from the cringe and anxiety this poor demo conveyed to many non-MSX users that might have come accross that video Sad

As you said, I wish some proper and actual MSX user living near them could phisically help (and lead) them to create a definitive proper MSX review for their channels. Everyone would enjoy it, it might be a win-win.

More ontopic with the topic, my wish would be "I wish MSX had REALLY had a better success in the USA and/or the UK"... We all would live now inside a surreal alternative universe Smile (You know what? Probably not !)

By meits

Scribe (6542)

Аватар пользователя meits

03-05-2021, 01:24

friguron wrote:
Manuel wrote:

...the 8-bit guy starting to love the MSX

Their demos consist of just turning some MSX-1 on and then run some silly game already published on some other platform, carefully chosen for their audience to compare both versions...

Not before telling what every non-MSX'ing Youtuber tells: The complete history. Youtube's full of that. Their non-MSX'ing audience knows the history of MSX better than anything worth knowing.

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