Problem with Nogalious developer / LuegoLu3go

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By el_lima

Supporter (4)

Аватар пользователя el_lima

16-07-2021, 09:04

I hope this is just some misunderstanding and I'm posting this here in the hopes that someone might be able to get in touch with this guy so he can make things right.

I ordered a copy of Nogalious for MSX from his website ( back in March this year, at that time I got a message stating I would receive an email as soon as the game was shipped to me. And so I waited and waited and nothing happened, I tried to get in touch with him several times now since then, but don't receive any answer at all.

Tried to call the phone number listed on his website and I just get a message stating the number doesn't exist... so at this point I'm wondering if I have been ripped off or what. I hope this is just some big misunderstanding and things can still be fixed, is someone here in contact with the guy?


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By saccopharynx

Master (175)

Аватар пользователя saccopharynx

16-07-2021, 14:00

Personally, I do not know the guy, but I've got the impression that it's not his intention to rip off anyone. I have also noticed that the website ( has not been updated since 2019. Maybe something happened to him?

Four months seems is a long time to ask the software distribution company for a refunding, but perhaps you are still entitled, depending on who collected the payment.

If nothing comes out, try to cancel the order in case the guy uses a third-party company to collect payments!

By tfh

Prophet (3430)

Аватар пользователя tfh

16-07-2021, 14:21

I doubt you will see your money back or get an answer:

I don't think they didn't have the intention to ripp anyone off, but it grew over their heads. Only the MSX & PC version were released. A lot of people are still waiting for something of which I doubt will ever happen.

By Oniric-Factor

Master (177)

Аватар пользователя Oniric-Factor

16-07-2021, 14:51

I was a very early contributor and "bought" the "MSX cassette" version that never was developed.

When i ask for my money back, they said that they do not have to get any responsability about the product, due to kickstarter rules.

They said that they Will send me a PC versión and a poster as compensation, but It never arrived.

Since then, they stopped responding me, of course.

I'm not the only one, and they have no cartridge provider just now.

I'm sorry yo say that LuegoLu3go is not an honest developer and they are tarnishing Azpiri's last work.

By Parn

Paladin (854)

Аватар пользователя Parn

16-07-2021, 14:35

Wouldn't it be advisable putting some kind of notice on its demo page, @tfh? Although I really wonder who would like to try and buy the game based on its demo.

By sdsnatcher73

Enlighted (4317)

Аватар пользователя sdsnatcher73

16-07-2021, 14:59

Well if el_lima bought it of the website and payed with PayPal (so not through kickstarter) surely they can be of assistance…

By tfh

Prophet (3430)

Аватар пользователя tfh

16-07-2021, 15:09

Parn wrote:

Wouldn't it be advisable putting some kind of notice on its demo page, @tfh? Although I really wonder who would like to try and buy the game based on its demo.

I've decided to replace the "demo" version by the full version and removed the links to their shop.
So if anyone would like to play the full game... now they can.

By AxelStone

Prophet (3199)

Аватар пользователя AxelStone

16-07-2021, 15:23

Totally agree with @Oniric-Factor words, a very dishonest developer, sorry you are having problems (like a lot of people). Very sad for last Azpiri's work...

By geijoenr

Champion (392)

Аватар пользователя geijoenr

16-07-2021, 17:03

To add insult to injury “Luego Lu3go” literally means handwaving a request with the implicit meaning that it will be ignored. As if they choose the name on purpose.

By valkyre

Paladin (705)

Аватар пользователя valkyre

16-07-2021, 17:24

I was ripped off by this developer. I bought nogalious on cartridge without any problems, BUT I then paid for a second game that they were supposed to be developing. This game didn't materialise, but he kept my money (around €57). I have emailed several times, but no response. So steer well clear of him.

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