My 2nd book is out now: Learn (more) Multiplatform Assembly with ChibiAkumas Volume 2!

By keith56

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19-03-2022, 02:25

My 2nd book is available now on amazon! Volume 2 of "Learn (more) Multiplatform Assembly with ChibiAkumas" is now turning up on Amazon stores near you now!

Volume 2 is the same format as Volume 1, but covers 5 new processors: ARM Thumb, 65816, 6809 PDP-11 and Risc-V CPUs

The first chapter is the beginners introduction, based on that of Volume 1 but with various improvements and corrections, and with a new extra section covering sound. The processor
sections are the same format as Volume 1. Overall Volume 2 is around 10% larger than volume 1 (299 pages)

Link to the US store:

Link to the UK store:

Or search on your local store, it should show up. Please note it may take a day or two, I can't buy the print copy in japan yet :-(

If you decide to buy it, please try and buy the print version - I will offer the 'Buyers remorse' PDF for print copy purchasers like before as soon as the 3 month 'amazon kindle
exclusive' period ends (around july)... it would suit me to only offer print going forwards, but Kindle brought 20% of my profits last time - which is too much to turn down.

I'll do a video showing it off once I manage to get my hands on a copy over here in Japan!

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By PReemeyer

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19-03-2022, 16:22

Looking forward for receiving them both! Smile

By ro

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19-03-2022, 19:32


By keith56

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20-03-2022, 09:30

PReemeyer wrote:

Looking forward for receiving them both! Smile

If you've just bought both books, Read Chapter 1 from Volume 2 first, as it covers all Cpu types (not just the ones in that book)- it's an improved version of Chapter 1 from the first book, so you can then skip that chapter from the first book, as you've read the better version.

and Thanks for your support... of course!

By Chilly Willy

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03-04-2022, 18:32

I bought your first book but in reality all I am really looking for is 100% nothing but dedicated to the Z80.

Something that will give you examples on how to master the TMS9928 and SN76489A which are the basis for Colecovision, MSX1, Sega SG-1000 and Spectravideo. Most of which you work with in your videos.

8x8 tiles are a pain unless you really know the math.
The Colecovision, for example, only has 1k of memory of which you can only use around 560 bytes of.
This prevents any double buffer or scrolling.
So, I have to load all tiles into VRAM then do Sprite to Tile Collision checks through the VDP Port which in this case is BE and BF. Then I have to do multiple checks with sprite offsets.

I have been able to adapt some of your MSX1 work to the Colecovision as long as the memory requirements are not that heavy.
Photon I was able to get working, YQuest has issues, Grime I am currently working on so you have been a tremendous help to my learning. I just wish that it would be strait forward Game development, Z80 and the chips I mentioned.

Either way, I will be buying this book as well your next one as long as it is something I can use.

Break it all down into industry standard routines.

I understand this is a lot to ask from one person but I look at it this way.
We are your fans that buy your products to support your work. It is only natural that you would sell a product that is needed.
In your case, you are so talented and cover so many systems that some of us find it hard to adapt your teaching.
I wish I had your brain because I am in awe that you have this amazing understand of the digital realm.

I grew up in the 80's here in Florida and there were no schools teaching any of this stuff. Believe me I looked.

By PReemeyer

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06-04-2022, 20:39

Thanks to tell me this. I have received both of them and I will start with Chapter 1 from Volume 2 Smile