MSX mastodon?

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By aoineko

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Аватар пользователя aoineko

10-11-2022, 19:19


By syn

Prophet (2123)

Аватар пользователя syn

10-11-2022, 22:35

You do realize you dont need an account to use twitter right? Also, I think Mstz80ax has stuff on twitter thats not on youtube or it appears earlier on his twitter

Anyway as I said most ppl are overreacting. Personally I'd wait and see what is about to change, for now it seems to be for the better, though they may prove me wrong in the future.

Ofcourse its sad the way ppl were fired, but
- afaik this normal/within the law in the USA
- Elon Musk said the fired employees get a higher severance pay than legally required.

By Parn

Paladin (837)

Аватар пользователя Parn

11-11-2022, 17:44

Problem is that Twitter is bleeding talent and ad customers, plus many of their chief officers resigned (speculation is that they don't want to be responsible to something ethically questionable that is happening there right now). And on top of that they're pushing new features and policy changes without any previous discussion or even testing. Twitter right now is a house of cards that may topple any time.

shalafi wrote:

Anyway, seeing that there's no interest, I'll shelve the idea

Sorry, I didn't see this before. I'd be interested, but I seem to be in the minority here.

By shalafi

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Аватар пользователя shalafi

19-11-2022, 16:24

Looks like things are getting even more "interesting" in Twitter over the past week.
I also saw a few instances focused on retro games, so I guess it's someone is interested can really find a nice server

By Bas Wijnen

Resident (34)

Аватар пользователя Bas Wijnen

19-11-2022, 20:25

I don't want to convince anyone, so feel free to continue using whatever platform you're using.

However, I do want to insert a fact into this thread: Mastodon is not just a clone of Twitter that isn't owned by Musk. It's a distributed system of many servers, none of which have the kind of control that Twitter and FB have and are known to abuse. There is no algorithm that tries to maximize engagement, it doesn't try to serve you posts to make you angry. And it does offer good tools to protect your sanity (such as actually blocking people you don't want to interact with).

On that last part, I haven't really tried it, to be honest. However, I read that Mastodon was developed in large part by oppressed minorities, among which transgender people in particular. They know what harassment is, and they know what they need to do about it. So they implemented that in the system.

Because of all this, it's a much more relaxed and pleasant place than Twitter. I switched months ago (before Musk even announced that he was planning anything) and am happy that I did. I kept my Twitter account, I suppose because FOMO, but I never post there and don't even look at it that often anymore.

Anyway, just want to let you all know. Switching to Mastodon because Twitter is even more horrible than before is fine, but you'll get a lot more than just "Twitter without Musk".

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