ZERO at the Bitwise booth

by Jorito on 23-01-2017, 22:54
Обсуждение: Nijmegen 2017

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By dioniso

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Аватар пользователя dioniso

26-01-2017, 18:00

Great to see ZERO is already there. As strange as it may sounds, my copy is still on its way to me. The cover of the game is just fabulous; I don't know the name of the artist.

Just for the ones interested: there are some differences with the MSXDev version. These are:

-48k instead of 32k (more room for...).
-SCREEN 2 (no mix mode).
-Legal VDP read/write and detection of enough RAM.
-Intro: explaining the story and some experiments with pseudo-double-channel-envelope sound.
-The 3 different difficulty levels have changed a little bit: in EASY, the floor won't be cleared out when player dies, so the player won't have to start from the very beginning.
-There are 80 stages instead of 35.
-Different animations when player dies (trap, electro, enemy, time out).
-Some adjustements: enemy contact (some more "pixel distance". For example, when player is one row lower than the enemies, they won't kill the player), etc.
-On MSX2 and superior, the game runs at 60hz.

A lot of effort/time was invested in the MSXDev game.
A lot of extra effort/time was invested in these extra features.