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A great new game with a little main character is in development.

Soon available at your local dealer

DSK Pro light

by cbsfox on 08-09-2021, 19:25
Topic: Development
Tags: copy tool, dskpro

Say hello to CTRL C on a new level (again).

OCM-PLD Pack v3.9 is out!

by KdL on 24-08-2021, 01:14
Topic: Development
Tags: BIOS, KdL, OCM, SM-X, SX-2, Firmware

KdL is updating your MSX FPGA Unit

We just love the smell of new MSX books

Devwill Too MSX

by ro on 24-06-2021, 09:31
Topic: Development

Arcade platformer game for MSX and ZX Spectrum

Have a deeper look

Xenophon's inferno

by sirelion on 09-04-2021, 06:34
Topic: Development

The sequel to The Fall of Prometheus.

ANMA's Frantic sources on Github

by ro on 28-03-2021, 13:25
Topic: Development

Complete sources from the MSX game Frantic are available

Goodbye Micromancers!

by ro on 14-03-2021, 14:06
Topic: Development
Tags: Micromancers

Exit, stage left for the company that brought us nothing but quality MSX games.

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