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After three decades Sony has not forgotten MSX.

Last weekend was the Nijmegen 2013 MSX fair, and a selection of photos of that event is now available for your enjoyment.

42nd MSX RU photo shoots

by meits on 07-01-2013, 12:13
Topic: Photo shoots
Tags: barcelona, ru

Konamito gathered a few photo shoots of the 42nd MSX RU.

Last saturday, a lot of retro-loving people gathered at the RetroMallorca meeting to see some oldschool computers such as the MSX, Commodore, Macintosh, Apple, Spectrum and Amiga in action.

Last saturday, AAMSX organized the 40th RU Barcelona, a nice MSX fair that, when looking at the photos, can be compared with the annual MSX fair in Nijmegen.

Event Eleven Photoshoot

by snout on 24-10-2011, 16:11
Topic: Photo shoots

On October 15th, 2011 we celebrated the upcoming launch of the long awaited MRC 2k11 - the brand new MSX Resource Center with a completely revamped layout and a brand new backend, built on Pressflow, MediaWIKI and SOLR.

MSXRio 2011 photo shoot

by JohnHassink on 27-09-2011, 02:21
Topic: Photo shoots

When my baby smiles at me, I go to Rio de Janeiro! Well, besides that, there can be other reasons to visit this intriguing metropol.

Last weekend the 39th edition of the Aamsx MSX-RU meeting in Barcelona was held. A massive amount of photo shoots, videos and fair reports have been published on various corners of the web.

39th MSX RU Barcelona - video

by wolf_ on 05-06-2011, 17:04
Topic: Photo shoots

Yesterday, the 39th edition of RU Barcelona took place. One of the visitors has made a video recording of the event, and uploaded it to YouTube. The video gives a good impression of the day, with people like Sapphire from QBIQS fame, viejo_archivero from Relevo Videogames and Sander from SuperSoniqs among many many others. What are you waiting for? Go see what you may have missed!

Some time ago, we reported about the 10th Bonami Retro Fair. A few weeks back, the Dutch site Retro Computer en Games Museum has put a photoshoot online.

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