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The first Nijmegen photoshoot is a fact, and without doubt videoshoots will appear later this week. MSX Posse has uploaded no less than 44 pictures taken at yesterday's MSX fair, giving a good impression of the atmosphere. If you weren't able to visit the fair, see what you may have missed!

MSXRio'2009 - September - video

by wolf_ on 28-09-2009, 13:56
Topic: Photo shoots

Last weekend, MSXRio'2009 took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A video of this meeting has been uploaded to YouTube by SLotman.

MSX Rio 2009 - video

by wolf_ on 28-07-2009, 22:14
Topic: Photo shoots

Last weekend, the MSX Rio 2009 meeting took place in Brazil. A few days ago, we already reported about a photoshoot and now a small video about this meeting is available at YouTube.

MSXRio photoshoot

by wolf_ on 26-07-2009, 10:23
Topic: Photo shoots

Yesterday an MSX meeting was held in Brazil: MSXRio 2009. To get an impression of this fair, for instance to see how the VSU is progressing, there are currently 36 photos online, waiting to be checked out!

Nijmegen 09 photoshoot

by wolf_ on 16-02-2009, 01:15
Topic: Photo shoots

At last! Finally! Way too late, we know. But, better late than never! Thanks to OeiOeiVogeltje and Manuel Bilderbeek there are Nijmegen '09 photos at MRC.

On Saturday 6th the 34th MSX Users Meeting in Barcelona took place.

Days ago, the successful Bonami Retro Fair attracted quite a lot of visitors. Spanish MSX'er dioniso decided to visit the place and took a number of photos, which he has put online for you to enjoy!

MSX Error 51 videos

by altaris on 06-10-2008, 23:24
Topic: Photo shoots

Earlier this year, the MSX Error 51 meeting was held in Argentina. Finally, two videos of this event have been released at youtube, to give you an impression of this meeting.

, Video 2

Bussum 2008 Photoshoot on MSX Posse

by wolf_ on 28-09-2008, 21:38
Topic: Photo shoots

Yesterday, the annual Bussum fair took place. MALZ has taken a number of photos, which have been made available on MSX Posse, enabling you to get an impression of the day.

RU Barcelona photoshoot

by wolf_ on 24-06-2008, 14:03
Topic: Photo shoots

The website La seKTa has published a photoshoot containing 91 photos of the RU Barcelona which was held a few weeks ago on June 7th.

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