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Yesterday the 25th anniversary event took place in Den Dolder. Today, MSX Posse has published a photoshoot of this event, with most photos made by oeioeivogeltje.

Tilburg '95 video

by wolf_ on 15-06-2008, 13:05
Topic: Photo shoots

The website Passion MSX has published a large video of the Tilburg fair from 1995, made by Walter.

Yesterday, the RU Barcelona meeting was being held. A short video-impression of this event was made and uploaded to YouTube. Additional photoshoots will probably appear shortly as well.

Kier Kracht's MSX DVD 2

by wolf_ on 22-03-2008, 22:04
Topic: Photo shoots

MSX Posse have published a torrent file of the second DVD from Kier Kracht. On this DVD are videos from various MSX meetings dating back into the 90's, the golden years of the MSX scene.

MSX Posse have just published three more videos from Kier Kracht on their website. The videos are taken from Kier Kracht's second DVD and show meetings of the MSX Club West-Friesland, way back in 1992.

MSX Posse has published yet another video from Kier Kracht's massive MSX video collection. This time, the video is about a club meeting from MSX Club Friesland-Noord, held in 1993.

Mariënberg - photoshoot

by wolf_ on 12-02-2008, 19:50
Topic: Photo shoots

The annual Mariënberg auction of last Saturday turned out to be a succes. Tens of people showed up, including Dutch MSX icon Wammes Witkop, former chief editor and publisher of MSX Computer Magazine and MSX Computer & Club Magazine.

Nijmegen 2008 photo shoot

by snout on 22-01-2008, 21:51
Topic: Photo shoots

Last weekend a large group of MSX fans, mainly from the Netherlands and Belgium, traveled to Nijmegen to visit the third annual MSX fair/user meeting in Nijmegen.

Nijmegen 2008 photo shoots

by snout on 22-01-2008, 15:28
Topic: Photo shoots

MSX Posse have updated their website with a large amount of pictures taken on the MSX fair in Nijmegen, which was held last Saturday. The photo shoot includes pictures taken by OeiOeiVogeltje and Malz.

Some days ago we reported about Kier Kracht's Nicolaasga-video from his new DVD with MSX fair videos. Since yesterday, MSX Posse has published a new video from Kier Kracht: the Dutch MSX fair in Almelo, 1991.

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