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After the release of a torrent for the first DVD with video footage from Kier Kracht's video collection, MSX Posse has now published the first movie from Kier's second DVD! This video was shot at the MSX Computerday in St.

In November, we reported that the PC & MSX Gebruikersgroep Nijmegen was to have a special MSX themed meeting. MSX users Manuel and OeiOeiVogeltje visited the place to have a look.

Bussum 2007 photo shoot at MSXPosse

by snout on 29-11-2007, 01:56
Topic: Photo shoots

Better late than never, we noticed that we had not reported about the Bussum 2007 photo shoot at MSX Posse yet.

MSX Posse has published a torrent file for the complete DVD with all of Kier Kracht's MSX fair footage.

In September, MSX Posse published two videos from Kier Kracht, one of them being one of the famous Zandvoort fairs. As of today, a new video from Kier's video collection has been published on MSX Posse: the MSX Fair in Steenwijk, 1994! The video can be played online or can be downloaded (52MB). More MSX videos are to be expected shortly, as a new DVD from Kier is available at MSX Posse.

Bussum 2007 Photo shoot

by wolf_ on 09-10-2007, 01:05
Topic: Photo shoots

A few days ago, the annual MSX Fair in Bussum was being held. With an interesting amount of new products, the fair was a very fine one. One of the advantages of recent times are the widespread digital cameras and their massive storage space.

RetroEuskal 2007 photo shoot

by Prodatron on 01-10-2007, 19:36
Topic: Photo shoots

Two months ago the RetroEuskal 2007 party took place again in Bilbao, Spain. It was a meeting for all kinds of retro computers and part of the EuskalEncounter party, one of the biggest computer parties in Europe.

RetroPC have published a photo shoot taken on the 2007 edition of the Tokyo Gameshow. Like last year, D4 Enterprise were there to display their retro gaming related activities.

MSX Info Update 2007 photo shoot

by NYYRIKKI on 20-09-2007, 23:37
Topic: Photo shoots

Some MSX meetings will remain to be unique, such as MSX Info Update, quite possibly the only place on earth where blue MSX cakes, vikings and SymbOS would be present together (yes, you read that correct: yet another country in which Prodatron demoed his famous project!).

One week ago we reported about video footage of the MSX fair in Zandvoort 1991, filmed by Kier Kracht. With the release of that video on MSX Posse it was already announced that more videos from Kier Kracht would be released in the future.

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