A2Z80Plus card
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The A2Z80Plus card is a compatible PCPI Appli-card made by Ian Kim for APPLE IIe & IIGS. It allows to run the CP/M and also Colecovision, 32kB MSX1 roms and SG-1000 software with the optional VDP-1000plus from the HDD. It is the next version of the APMSX card.

It has some limitations on Apple IIGS to acces to the memory card but causes no problem to run the majotity of games. Not working on Apple II/II+.

A joypad is sold in option.

Homepage: http://www.apple2.net/


A2Z80plus card
VDP-1000plus daughterboard
Joypad for the VDP-1000plus


  • VDP TMS9918 (NTSC) on board (VDP-1000plus)
  • PSG AY3-8910 and SN76489 on board (FPGA emulation)
  • 512KB RAM with customisable Mapper (Memory Mapper, Konami and ASCII 8K/16k ROM Mapper)
  • Z80 with customisable clock speed (3.58Mhz, 7.16Mhz, 4Mhz, 8Mhz and 16Mhz)
  • DMA BUS share of Apple II resources RAM and I/O peripherals.
  • Apple II keyboard can be used directly, no more need for an external PS/2 keyboard.
  • Joypad port (VDP-1000plus)