Backup Katsuyou Technique 06
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Backup Katsuyou Technique 06



Published in March 1987.

Main content

General info

  • MSX Army Counterattack part 1 (article by Jotaro Higashi - includes info about Ninja Copimaru Kun)
  • MSX2 64kB VRAM upgrade to 128kB (article by Taka Kokorozashi)
  • Uncover the Megarom structure and mechanism (article by Yuuki)
  • How to remove the protection (article by Yuuki)
  • Introduction to MSX Hacker part 1: Technique to copy the game Roms (article by Yuuki)
  • O-Nyanko System part 3 - Binary Code Converter (article by Hage)
  • O-Nyanko Copy Ver.2.0: Copy tool for game cartridge (article by Hage)
  • Megarom Copy Tool: Hard & Soft (article by Hage)

Software reviews



Title Author Generation Notes
Game Address Check Yuuki MSX1
Megarom Copy 3.0 (Card to Disk/Tape) Takeshi Uemukai MSX1
Megarom Copy 3.0 (Disk/Tape to Card) Takeshi Uemukai MSX1
O-Nyanko - Binary Code Converter Takeshi Uemukai MSX1
O-Nyanko Copy 2.0 Takeshi Uemukai MSX1 2 files : binary implementation -
main program
Protect Search Yuuki MSX1
ROM-RAM Protect Search Yuuki MSX1
ROM to RAM Transfer Yuuki MSX1
Slot Check Yuuki MSX1

Playing tips

  • The Black Onyx - How to make Perfect Soldier: Save Data Editing (on tape) by Masaru Hashimoto