Backup Katsuyou Technique 09
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Backup Katsuyou Technique 09



Published in January 1988.

Main content

General info

  • Making a Reset switch (article by Tomoya Kitaoka)
  • Games Hacking: Hacks for 18 games (article by MAC-TBP)
  • Tape Copy Tool (article by T. Fukawa)
  • MIDI Interface (article by Masashi Hotta)
  • Remove the protection from Haja no Fūin (article by Haja)
  • Removing the protection and add invincibility for 9 ROM games (article by Y. Hamada)
  • MSX-AIDS:The Ultimate Machine Language Monitor (article by Toshikatsu Saito)
  • Disk Tool: Disk Check program to remove the protection (article by Penpengusa)



Title Author Generation Notes
Character Display Yujiro Hishinuma MSX1
Disk Check Penpengusa MSX2
Disk Loader Yujiro Hishinuma MSX1
MIDI Changer Program Masashi Hotta MSX1
MIDI Graphic Program Masashi Hotta MSX1
MIDI Key Input Using Hook Masashi Hotta MSX1 Binary file
MIDI Outgoing Packages Masashi Hotta MSX1 Binary file
MSX-AIDS v1.0 Toshikatsu Saito MSX1 It is composed of 3 parts:
* Disassembler v1.0 (DISASM.BIN)
* Graphic Imager (GRPIMG.BIN)
* Machine Language Monitor v1.0 (SEMON.BIN)
They must be merged to the MSX-AIDS.BIN binary file
Don't confuse with MSX-AID from ASCII
Saver-Z Toshi MSX1 Binary file + main program
Super Monitor Yujiro Hishinuma MSX1
Tape Copy Tool v1.0 T. Fukawa MSX1 Binary file