Backup Katsuyou Technique 10
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Backup Katsuyou Technique 10



Published in March 1988.

Main content

General info

  • Games Hacking 2: Hacks for 13 games + tips to use Copy Jack, ROM Hunter MK2, etc (article by MAC TBP)
  • Make a speed controller (spinner) for MSX (article by Slime)
  • ROM analyzer & copy program (by Salamander)
  • MegaRAM board making & ROM software copy method (article by Icchan)
  • MIDI receiver making, using general port with software (article by Masashi Hotta)
  • Tips and tricks for hacking
  • Soft Touch: Final version of the ROM copy tool (by Ochi Shizumi)
  • Information about copy tools: Focus & the new version of Copy Aid



Title Author Generation Notes
Address Changer MAC TBP MSX1
Data Helper Kazuki MSX1
Memory Analyzer 4.7 Salamander
Takeshi Uemukai
MSX1 3 files: main program + 2 binaries
MIDI Cursor Player Masashi Hotta MSX1
MIDI Event Display Masashi Hotta MSX1
MIDI Receiving Packages Masashi Hotta MSX1 Binary file
MIDI Simple Sequencer Masashi Hotta MSX1 Binary file
MIDI Recording Masashi Hotta MSX1
ROM Copy Tool Yugi Ichioka MSX1 To be used with MegaRAM board
ROM Copy 1.9 Salamander MSX1 2 files: main program + binary
Soft Touch 1.2 Ochi Shizumi MSX1 4 BASIC files + 19 FLR files
(patches to unprotect games)
Xfiles Utility MAC TBP MSX1 Makes Xfiles from Focus
compatible with printers