Backup Katsuyou Technique 14
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Backup Katsuyou Technique 14



Published in March 1989.

Main content

General info

  • The Blue Drug: Original Backup Tool using filers to unprotect disk games (by Penpengusa)
  • Super easy connection of MSX joystick to PC Engine (by Morima Nakanishi)
  • Hacker training course: Disk Copy / Track Read / Autoloader (by Penpengusa)
  • FM-PAC Stereo upgrade & SRAM Access Program (by Yasuhiro Itakura)
  • Youth claim: MSX2+, MSX-MUSIC, Compile Disc Stations, protections (by Yasuhiro Itakura)
  • Corrections to Backup Katsuyou Technique 13
  • Information about new version of the copy tool Focus



Title Author Generation Notes
Bacterial Fungus - WIDTH40 ¥ Soft MSX1
Bacterial Fungus - WIDTH80 ¥ Soft MSX2
Real-Time Clock Y. Kanno (KIY Soft) MSX2 Only for Screen 0 - Width 40


Title Author Generation Notes
Blue Drug Penpengusa MSX1 Binary + main program + 20 filers
Copy mkII Toshi MSX1 Binary + main program
Disk Auto Loader Penpengusa MSX1
Disk Copy Penpengusa MSX1 Binary file
Disk ID CRC Calculation Penpengusa MSX1
Disk Track Read Penpengusa MSX1
MSX-AIDS Monitor v1.1 Toshikatsu Saito MSX1 Same version as in the number 11
(required to type the Blue Drug program)
Don't confuse with MSX-AID from ASCII
PAC SRAM Direct Access Yasuhiro Itakura MSX1 Routine to merge to main program
The Sampler Y. Kanno (KIY Soft) MSX1 Data recorder or cassette
player + cable required


  • Filers for Blue Drug to unprotect 20 disk games (by Penpengusa)
  • 22 FLR files for Soft Touch: Patches to unprotect several games (by MAC TBP)
  • Protect Hacking: 20 Protect Killers (by Yasuhiro Itakura)

Playing tips

  • Psycho World - Play it with more power by using the PAC SRAM Direct Access utility (by Yasuhiro Itakura)