Backup Katsuyou Technique 17
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Backup Katsuyou Technique 17



Published in December 1989.

Main content

General info

  • MSX evolution and wishes for a MSX3 (by Kazuaki Hashimoto)
  • Upgrade the Panasonic FS-A1WX to 512kB RAM (by Noriho Sakaki)
  • Making of an adapter cable to RGB 15-pin (by Yoichi Ono)
  • The Sampler Ver.4.0 and other programs (by KIY Soft)
  • Hacker training course 3: Slot concept and BIOS (by M&M)
  • Majestic System Ver.2.0 (by M&M)
  • Youth claim:
    • Current situation for MSX software and hardware (by Takahiko Aoki)
    • What MSX3 should be, Ys 3, Compile Disc Station (by Kiyoshi Yamada)
  • Corrections to Backup Katsuyou Technique 16

Software reviews



Title Author Generation Notes
COM File Creator Kazuyuki Kuriyama MSX1
Cursor Pointer MAC-TBP MSX1
Extra Function Keys MAC-TBP MSX1 Binary + loader
Majestic No Error Mode M&M MSX2
Majestic No Option Mode M&M MSX2
Majestic Screen 5 Capture M&M MSX2 Option for Majestic
Majestic Screen 7/8 Capture M&M MSX2 Option for Majestic
Majestic System 2.0 M&M MSX2 Binary
Majestic Tools M&M MSX2 Main program + binary
Sampling Data Save & Load KIY Soft MSX1
Text Copy Isao Takatani MSX1
The Adjuster KIY Soft MSX2 Generates a COM file to
adjust the screen under MSX-DOS
The Commercial Vaccine Ver.1.1 KIY Soft MSX1 Antidote to the Virus
The Commercial Virus Ver.1.1 KIY Soft MSX1 Destroys many sectors
and can crypt data
The Formatter KIY Soft MSX1
The Sampler Ver.4.0 KIY Soft MSX1
Time Printer Isao Takatani MSX1
MSX-DOS required
Arrang Kazuyuki Kuriyama MSX1 Disk File organization tool
Key Kazuyuki Kuriyama MSX1 Function keys utilization tool
Makekey Kazuyuki Kuriyama MSX1 Function keys utilization tool