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Belote is a game published by the French magazine Hebdogiciel. The listing has been divided in 2 parts (Issues 106 and 107 of 25/10/85 and 01/11/85). The game has been created by Joseph Paumier.

Thanks to this quality program, your passion for the game will now accommodate your misanthropy!


Belote - intro screen
Belote - announcement phase
Belote - game screen


This program respects the rules of the BELOTE and plays the role of the partner and the two adversaries.

The cards are beaten then distributed according the rules, your game is controlled by the computer (obligation to cut with a trump card, to play an higher card, etc.) and the phase of announcement in two rounds is respected.

A game is finished with 1000 points, the belote and rebelote is automatically managed and announced.