Best of MSX Mozaïk 1986
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Disk released by MSX Mozaïk in March/April 1987.

It contains

  • a very limited selection of the software published in the 1986 issues of the magazine, except MSX Mozaïk 10
  • extra software (probably partially developed for the MSX Mozaïk 1986 Programming Contest)



MSX-BASIC loader Title Author Generation Notes
KANARIE.BAS Canary in Cage
(Kanarie in Kooi)
J. van Wissen MSX1 With PSG sounds
KLEUR.BAS Text and Color
(Tekst en Kleur)
Ineke Essenburg MSX1
SPRITE.BAS Sprite Test MSX Mozaïk MSX1
TESTBLD.BAS Test Image (Testbeeld) J. N. Maessen MSX1 With PSG music


MSX-BASIC loader Title Author Generation Soundchips
GALGJE.BAS Hangman (Galgje) L. Cozynsen MSX1 PSG
RADEN.BAS Guess What (Raden Maar) L. Cozynsen MSX1 PSG


MSX-BASIC loader Title Author Generation Notes
GETMAS.BAS Solving 2x2 Systems
(Oplossen 2x2 Stelsels)
Sylvain Doclo MSX1
MHLOCKS2.BAS Maidenhead Locator C.M. Hopstaken MSX1 PSG music
REKEN.BAS Calculator
C. Hopstaken MSX1
RENTE.BAS Interest Calculator
C.M.F. Essenburg MSX1 Includes intro demo
and PSG music
SLADER.BAS Sprite Loader H. Arts MSX1
SMAKER.BAS Sprite Maker H. Arts MSX1
SORTJE.BAS Quick Sort (Sorteren Snel) MSX Mozaïk MSX1
TOUR.BAS Tour de France A. Witjes MSX1
WED.BAS Word Processor Editor
H. v. Merode MSX1