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Bombardement (Bombing) is a small game released as listing by the French magazine Tilt. It has been created by Eric Von Ascheberg and Christophe Grosjean. This game was published in issue 22 of June 1985.




You must defend a strategic strait with a cannon placed on a peninsula. Many invaders, from a distant galaxy, threaten the base of Saligos.

Be quick, you have little time to defeat enemies. To change the firing angle of your cannon, use the UP and DOWN keys (or the joystick). Shoot with the spacebar or the joystick button.

Note: The published listing is for playing with the keyboard.

To add joystick support:

  • replace STICK(0) by STICK(0)ORSTICK(1) in line 1000
  • replace STRIG(0)<>-1 by STRIG(0)<>-1 AND STRIG(1)<>-1 in line 2000

Improvements and corrections:

  • add KEYOFF: at the beginning of line 15
  • replace STRING$ (S,"{") by STRING$ (S,197) in lines 5000 and 5010 - this trick will not work on Japanese and Korean machines!