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Bomby is a game created by Luc Sonnendrucker. It was published in Hebdogiciel 80 of 26/04/85.

Some buildings will not prevent you from landing! … Anyway, you have bombs.


Bomby - intro screen
Bomby - game screen
Bomby - game screen


The published listing is for playing wih the keyboard. Start the game by pressing on a key. Drop bombs by pressing on a key.

In the modified version, start the game by pressing a cursor key or moving the joystick. Drop bombs by pressing the spacebar or the second joystick button.

Changes of the modified version:

  • add line 180 SK=0 for using keyboard or SK=1 for using joystick
  • change line 5010 to IF STICK(SK)=0 THEN 5010
  • change line 5200 to BB=STRIG(SK)
  • change line 7380 to IF STICK(SK)<>0THEN 7500
  • change line 10600 to LOCATE 1,22:PRINT"Poussez la fleche vers le haut";
  • change line 10610 to IF STICK(SK)=0 THEN 10610