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Boufy is a game published by the French magazine Hebdogiciel. The listing has been divided in 2 parts (Issues 85 and 86 of 31/05/85 and 07/06/85). The game has been created by Renan Jegouzo. The strange copyright on the intro screen is pure joke!

Frankly, do you feel able to drive an insane and famished snake in a mined world during 50 stages?…


Boufy - intro screen
Boufy - stage 1
Boufy - stage 2


Validate your choice to play with the joystick by pressing the button, or the keyboard by pressing a key.

The goal of the game is to control moves of BOUFY, who must eat green apples while avoiding if possible poisoned red apples, mines (?), walls and his own tail.

Fortunately, small hearts have the power to teleport our friend randomly on the screen.

Each apple gives 10 points and each finished level gives a BONUS proportional to the level.

After 10 stages, you gain an additional life which comes in addition to the 7 starting lives.

Waiting on the intro screen allows you to view the 10 best scores.