CIEL Expert 2+ Turbo
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It is a new MSX2+ motherboard made in 1996 by CIEL meant to be installed in the case of a MSX1 Gradiente Expert computer.

It could be adapted to the wishes of the MSX buyer, so you can find different configurations, for example to add a disk drive and a hard disk drive.

The internal RAM size is 256kB, but you can choose to use instead a 30 pin SIMM memory found on PC's. An unique connector is reserved for that, and you can use this way 256kB, 512kB, 1MB or 4MB RAM.

The choice between the internal memory and the SIMM memory is made with jumpers. It's also the case to choose the Yamaha videochip - V9938 (MSX2) or V9958 (MSX2+) - or the place of the internal RAM (in slot 2 or 3).

A Turbo mode can be enabled or disabled by using a switch or new MSX-BASIC instructions.

Brand CIEL
Model Expert 2+ Turbo
Year 1996
Region Brazil
Launch price
RAM 256kB (internal - slot 2 or 3) - 256kB , 512kB , 1MB or 4MB (30 pin SIMM memory)
VRAM 128kB
Media MSX cartridges
Video Yamaha V9938 or V9958
Chipset none (separate IC's)
Keyboard layout Compatible with the Expert keyboards
Extras Turbo mode with Z84C0010 CMOS processor, switch and CIEL BASIC - 4 slots, two inside the computer and two outside (using Brazilian MSX Expert case)


The slightly modified BIOS includes three additional MSX-BASIC instructions related to the Turbo mode: see CIEL BASIC.




Besides the Z80A, this customisable MSX2/MSX2+ includes a Z84C0010 - CMOS processor working at 7 MHz for the Turbo mode.

Slot Map