Canon VWU-100
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Canon VWU-100 is a Japanese word processing package released in 1985 consisting of the following two cartridges:

  • VW-100 Japanese Word Processor cartridge "V-Word" compatible with MSX1 and MSX2 computers - it contains 4 ROMs, the Word Processor is on a 32kB ROM while the dictionary (about 44000 words) is on three 128kB ROMs
  • VK-100 Kanji-ROM cartridge (JIS1) containing one 128kB ROM - however, a part of JIS2 characters is also available

You can notice that the VW-100 cartridge has an unusual big size.

A similar package was also built by Canon and released by Konami under the reference EC-700 consisting of the EC-701 Japanese Word Processor and the EC-702 Kanji-ROM. However, the dictionary of this version has 42000 words instead of 44000.

Launch price: ¥34,800


The provided Japanese Word Processor has low res mode for MSX1/2 and high res mode for MSX2.

On MSX1, you directly access the editor screen. On MSX2, an intro screen leaves you the choice between both resolutions modes:

  • F4 = high resolution mode (screen 6)
  • F5 = low resolution mode (screen 2)

Some useful keys in the editor screen:

  • F1 = load
  • F2 = save
  • F3 = external characters (you can create 10 extra characters)
  • F4 = text changes and conversions
  • F5 = help
  • ESC = layout overview (back to editor with ESC)

There are four sets of function key menus swappable by STOP key. F5 is always help so there are 4*4+1=17 menus.

Useful keys in the help screen:

  • F4 = toggle help screen 1 / help screen 2
  • F5 = back to editor

Documents/original characters/dictionary entries created by user are not saved to the cartridges themselves but to a tape or floppy disk.

This software does not run properly on MSX2+/Turbo R due to a failure upon reading MSX version number at main rom 002Dh. An IPS patch is available here to fix this issue on the Konami version (EC-701).



Konami Canon VWU-100 package
(VW-100 Japanese Word Processor
+ VK-100 Kanji-ROM)


VW-100 - intro screen on MSX2
VW-100 - edit screen on MSX2
VW-100 - save screen on MSX2
VW-100 - character creation MSX2
VW-100 - new character on MSX2
VW-100 - character creation MSX1
VW-100 - help screen 1 on MSX2
VW-100 - help screen 2 on MSX2
VW-100 - layout screen on MSX2