Canon X-740
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The Canon X-740 is a cartridge interface allowing to connect a MSX computer to the serial port of the Canon X-07 computer.

The communication speed can be set with a small switch on the cartridge: 300, 600, 1200 or 2400 baud.

The manual includes a BASIC listing for a communication program to exchange data. You need to save the listing onto cassette before loading it from tape, before finally being able to transfer a BASIC program from the MSX to the X-07.

Warning: MSX-BASIC allows up to 255 characters per line, but it's limited to just 80 characters on X-07. Lines longer then 80 characters will therefore be truncated when transferred to the X-07. It's therefore recommended to first modify the MSX-BASIC program.


  • The Canon X-07 has a BASIC very similar to MSX-BASIC.
  • The data format on cassette is identical for both computers.
  • More options between both computers were available with the utility X-07 COM that was sold separately on cassette.


Canon X-740 (English version)
Canon X-740 (French version)