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Pioneer is a Japanese multinational corporation that specializes in digital entertainment products. Pioneer has manufactured MSX computers with support for interactive LaserDisc in the '80s.

All the main products of the MSX1 period wear the Palcom nickname. All Pioneer monitors and related products for the MSX1 period have the SEED nickname.




Model Year Region Model Year Region
MSX1 Pioneer PX-7 (Palcom) 1984 JP Pioneer PX-V7 (Palcom) 1984 JP
Pioneer PX-7(HB) (Palcom) 1985 UK Pioneer PX-V60 (Palcom) 1986 JP
Model Year Region Model Year Region
MSX2 Pioneer UC-V102 1987 Europe, JP, US


Product Description
Pioneer AAX-476 JP Keyboard for PX-V60
Pioneer AWX-280 JP Keyboard for PX-7 (silver)
Pioneer AWX-291 JP Keyboard for PX-V7
Pioneer AWX-307 JP Keyboard for PX-7 (black)
Pioneer AWX-323 UK Keyboard for PX-7 (black)
Pioneer PX-JY7 Joystick
Pioneer PX-JY8 Joystick
Pioneer PX-TB7 (Palcom*) Graphic tablet and interface
Pioneer UK-V101 JP Keyboard for UC-V102
Pioneer UK-V102  ? EU/US Keyboard for UC-V102
Pioneer UK-V105 Touch screen for UC-V102
  • only on the European version

Network and I/O Interfaces

Product Description
Pioneer PX-RS7 RS-232C interface cartridge
Pioneer UK-V104 RS-232C board for UC-V102


Product Description
Pioneer CLD-7 Compact Disc/LaserDisc Player
Pioneer CLD-70 Compact Disc/LaserDisc Player
Pioneer CLD-900 Compact Disc/LaserDisc Player
Pioneer CLD-909 Compact Disc/LaserDisc Player
Pioneer CLD-9000 Compact Disc/LaserDisc Player
Pioneer HXP101  ? Second 720kB 3.5" FDD for UC-V102
Pioneer LD-700 LaserDisc Player
Pioneer LD-5000 LaserDisc Player
Pioneer LD-7000 LaserDisc Player
Pioneer LD-7100 LaserDisc Player
Pioneer LD-7200 LaserDisc Player
Pioneer LD-8100 LaserDisc Player
Pioneer LD-8200D LaserDisc Player
Pioneer LD-9200D LaserDisc Player
Pioneer LD-S1 LaserDisc Player
Pioneer LD-V500 LaserDisc Player
Pioneer LD-V510 LaserDisc Player
Pioneer LD-V515 LaserDisc Player
Pioneer LD-V515SE LaserDisc Player
Pioneer LD-V520 LaserDisc Player
Pioneer LD-V530 LaserDisc Player
Pioneer LD-V540 LaserDisc Player
Pioneer LD-V2000 LaserDisc Player
Pioneer LD-X710 LaserDisc Player
Pioneer PX-DR7 (Palcom) Data recorder
Pioneer PX-RA32 32kB RAM expansion cartridge


Product Description
Pioneer AWX-302 Slot Connector (to connect ER-101 to an MSX)
Pioneer CC-03 Interface cable between many Pioneer LaserDisc players and UC-V102
Pioneer ER-101 (Palcom) MSX Expansion Processor (LaserDisc interface)
Pioneer JC-303 LaserDisc System Control Cable
Pioneer PX-KR7 Kanji-ROM JIS1
Pioneer PX-RF7 (AWX-292) RF Converter to use PX-7, PX-V7 or ER-101 on NTSC TV
Pioneer SD-21 (SEED) 21" monitor
Pioneer SD-25 (SEED) 25" monitor
Pioneer SD-26 (SEED) 26" monitor
Pioneer SD-E5 (SEED) Video Enhancer Color Controller Pack
Pioneer SD-G5 (SEED) Video Game Pack
Pioneer SD-K5 (SEED) Karaoke Pack
Pioneer SD-R5 (SEED) RGB System Control Pack
Pioneer SD-X5 (SEED) Stereo TV Tuner Pack for Japan
Pioneer SD-X7 (SEED) Stereo TV Tuner Pack for US
Pioneer SS-D1 Video buffer and digitizer for UC-V102
Pioneer UK-V103 Digitizer board for UC-V102



Title Genre Computer Notes
MSX Video Art Graphic Tool 32kB MSX1 Sold with TX-B7 graphic tablet
P-BASIC 1.0 BASIC extension 32kB MSX1 Firmware of PX-7, PX-V7 and ER-101
P-BASIC 1.1 BASIC extension 32kB MSX1 Firmware of PX-7(HB) and PX-V60
P-RS-232C BASIC BASIC extension 64kB MSX2 Firmware of UK-V104 board for UC-V102


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