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In Brazil, due to protective market regulations foreign technology companies could not exist, so a Brazilian businessman named Mathias Machline obtained in 1965 authorisation for using the Sharp brand in Brazil. Sharp Japan did not have any relationship with the Brazilian company, which used the Sharp brand from 1965 until 2002.

In 1985, the Brazilian Sharp company started to make MSX computers and peripherals. Although they launched the first MSX model on the market the Sharp HB-8000, and even if it strictly followed MSX standards, they did not win the market share they hoped for and stopped production in 1988. There were some rumours that the Japanese Sharp Corporation was behind the production stop, but this was never confirmed.

The Epcom brand was a whole owned subsidiary of the Brazilian Sharp, apparently created only to get tax benefits for this segment and only had minor appearances on marketing material, as everything was clearly labelled as a Sharp product. Nevertheless, it was responsible for the software, including the Hotbit BIOS. The Sharp brand on the other hand, was used for everything related to hardware. More information on this link.



Model Year Region
MSX1 Sharp HB-8000 (Hotbit) 1985 BR


Product Description
Sharp HB-100 Joystick

Network and I/O Interfaces

Product Description
Sharp HB-3000 RS-232C interface
Sharp HB-3001 RS-232C interface

Printers and Scanners

Product Description
Sharp HB-700 Printer cable


Product Description
Sharp HB-2400 Data recorder
Sharp HB-3600 Floppy disk drive interface and power supply for two FDD's
Sharp HB-4100 64KB RAM expansion
Sharp HB-6000 External 5.25" DS/DD 360kB FDD


Product Description
Sharp HB-4000 80-column card based on Yamaha V9938


  • Hotbit BIOS by EPCOM
  • EPCOM HB-DOS (MSX-DOS clone)
  • EPCOM HB-MCP (CP/M v2.2 compatible OS)
  • Hot-Logo by EPCOM
  • Various games released under the Epcom brand, which where mostly bootlegs (unlicensed copies)

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