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Standard MSX was a short lived French magazine. They changed their name after just three issues to Micros MSX. Despite the name change, the magazine numbering continued.

They also published a magazine called Micros ID (only three issues) which also featured MSX content. The last magazine with MSX content (Micros MSX 9) contains a table of all the reviews of MSX software, including the three Micros ID.

The Micros ID issues linked below are incomplete, having only the pages relevant to MSX. Besides, the pages with listings are not included. (links to complete versions of issues 1 and 2 will be added later).

Cassette/disks were also released later and separately by the publishers, with files corresponding to the listings in the magazines.

The table below will be completed later with links to the MSX Village. Thanks to the work of several MSX fans, including Sebbeug, you can enjoy these magazines.


Issue Title and No. Supplement Generation-MSX
1985-05~06 Standard MSX 1 Tape with 2 games
1985-07~08 Standard MSX 2
1985-09~12 Standard MSX 3 [1] [2]
1986-02 Micros MSX 4 [3] [4]
1986-05 Micros MSX 5 [5] [6]
1986-07-08 Micros MSX 6
1986-12 Micros ID 1 [7] [8]
1987-01 Micros ID 2 [9] [10]
1987-02 Micros MSX 7 [11] [12]
1987-05 Micros ID 3 [13] [14]
1987-06 Micros MSX 8 [15] [16]
1988-01 Micros MSX 9 [17] [18]

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