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Techno Crew
Years active 1991-1997
Main activities music disks, demos
Founded by MCS, Omega, TBM
Area The Netherlands
Current/final members MCS, Omega, TBM
Former members Willem, Convex
Website Techno Crew



It all started with a local MSX club in a town called Valthermond (MSCV or MSX Software Club Valthermond), organized by Omega, where the three founding members met. After a while they joined up and founded the group. Some productions were released in cooperation with an MSX club from Enschede which became known as MSX CODE, MSX Club Overijssel Drenthe en omstreken. (Sound Gallery disks)

There also was a relation with Impact, because members MCS and Omega knew a few of their members personally. Later on Omega assisted Impact (code for The Ant) and after their group disbanded he and Hitsoft continued with Dreamscape. Omega also founded the Impact BBS and Hitsoft was sysop of Dreamscape BBS.


  • MCS: Michel Sondagh (gfx)
  • Omega: Tristan Zondag (music, code, BBS)
  • TBM (The Byte Master): Freddy Groen (code)
  • Convex: Gerrit Dijkstra (music, gfx, code for the MuSICA disk)
  • Willem: Willem Wubs (gfx)


  • Cyber Demo (1991): Cyber BBS promotion
  • MSCV Demo (1992)
  • Wavycom BBS Promo (1992): BBS promotion
  • Sound Gallery 1 (1992) (Release: 4th Zandvoort MSX Fair)
  • Sound Gallery 2 (1992)
  • Techno Demo (1992) (Release: MSX Code News Disc #5)
  • The MuSICA disk (1992)
  • The MuSICA disk Japanese Takeru version (SCC+) (1992)
  • Sound Gallery Pro (1993)
  • The New Image BBS promo (1994)
  • Impact BBS Promo demo (1995) (Release: Sunrise Picturedisk #12)
  • Impact BBS Promo (1995) (Release: Sunrise Magazine #17 disk b)
  • Techno Crew's Anti Virus (1995): TCAV.COM is an MSX-DOS utility to remove the ZAPP virus
  • 512! bytes demo (1996)
  • Pure (1997): Moonsound music disk and audio CD (Release: Tilburg MSX fair '97)


  • 512 bytes demo (1996) (first place 1st International 512 bytes MSX INTRO COMPETITION)


  • The KSS (Konami Sound System) and MMP (MSX Music Player) tools for Windows were created by TBM. They were popular for remaking MSX music because each channel could be muted individually. Currently tools are offline (working on that!)
  • Techno Crew was the first to release a patch so ANMA's Relax demo could be run on MSX2 instead of MSX turbo R (Sorry Andre!)
  • MCS was the first user ever to log on at Fony's BBS (operated by TFH)
  • Omega was maintainer of the Funet MSX Archive from 1996 to 2006 when it was taken down. Omega is still keeping the archive online at
  • The former Live365 online radio station MSX Radio was operated by Omega
  • MCS has been co-sysop of Hacktrack BBS, founded by Wiebe Weikamp (Zapp). Btw: this is coincidence and has nothing to do with TCAV :)

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