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Telemática/Talent was a manufacturer on the Argentina, Chile and Uruguay markets.

They mainly sold re-branded Daewoo machines and peripherals (references beginning with the D character), but created also original products (references generally beginning with the T character).



Model Year Region Model Year Region
MSX1 Talent DPC-200 1986 AR, CL, UY Talent DPS-201 1987 AR
Talent DPC-200A 1988 AR
Model Year Region Model Year Region
MSX2 Talent DPC-300 1987 CL, UY Talent TPP-311 1987 AR
Talent TPC-310 1987 AR Talent TPS-312 1987 AR


Product Description
Talent DPJ-900 Joystick
Talent DPM-220 Mouse
Talent TNX-410 Numeric keypad

Network and I/O Interfaces

Product Description
Talent APT-950 Adapter C/E
Talent TLA-260 Mini-LAN Network student cartridge
Talent TLP-250 Mini-LAN Network teacher cartridge
Talent TMX-510 Modem cartridge
Talent TMX-520 Modem cartridge including software
Talent TRX-700 RS-232C cartridge including software
Talent TRX-710 RS-232C cartridge

Power suppiies

Product Description
Talent TFP-010 Power supply for TMX-510 modem

Printers and Scanners

Product Description
Talent DPL-400 4 color Plotter


Product Description
Talent CPF-350 External 3.5" 360kB FDD
Talent CPF-360 External 3.5" 720kB FDD
Talent DPF-550 External 5.25" 180kB FDD with Interface
Talent DPF-555 External 5.25" 180kB (S) or 360kB (D) FDD with Interface
Talent DPF-560 External 5.25" 360kB FDD as second drive
Talent MC-300D Data recorder
Talent TDC-600 FDD interface for 360/720kB 3.5" and 360kB 5.25" diskdrives
Talent TPF-723 5.25" FDD (used as 2nd drive)
Talent TPF-724 Cable to connect DPF-560 and DPF-550/555 drives
Talent TPF-725 5.25" FDD (used as 2nd drive)


Product Description
Talent DM-120M 12" monochrome monitor
Talent TEV-605 80 column cartridge
Talent TVD-256 Video digitizer for TPC-310