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Toshiba (東芝) produced MSX Engine chips and MSX computers. They also created other MSX peripherals, like the Toshiba MX-MU900 MSX-AUDIO cartridge. Their best known MSX computer is the Toshiba HX-10.

In Japan, in 1981 Toshiba introduced a product line of 8 and 16bit computers under the Pasopia branding. When Toshiba introduced MSX computers in Japan in the fall of 1983 they did so under the Pasopia IQ product line. Pasopia and Pasopia IQ systems are incompatible with each other. The Pasopia IQ branding can be seen on each machine next to the MSX logo. Pasopia - パソピア is a word composed with the beginning of 'Personal - パーソナル' and the end of 'Utopia - ユートピア'.

The first Toshiba MSX was the HX-10S released in 1983. They released their MSX2 models in 1985. The last models introduced were in 1985 in Japan, and in 1986 in some international markets. Toshiba however continued supplying other vendors with their MSX Engine chips for years afterwards.

Yamaha also produced chipsets like MSX-ENGINE, but Toshiba was the only one to create chipsets for the later MSX2+ and MSX turbo R machines.




Subcategories (check them to get the technical details for the models of a same series and see the eventual differences!)

Model Year Region Model Year Region
MSX1 Toshiba HX-10AA 1984 BE, NL Toshiba HX-20E 1985 ES
Toshiba HX-10D (Pasopia IQ) 1983 JP Toshiba HX-20I 1985 IT
Toshiba HX-10DP (Pasopia IQ) 1984 JP Toshiba HX-21 (Pasopia IQ) 1984 JP
Toshiba HX-10DPN (Pasopia IQ) 1984 JP Toshiba HX-21F 1985 FR
Toshiba HX-10E 1984 ES Toshiba HX-22 (Pasopia IQ) 1984 JP
Toshiba HX-10F 1984 FR Toshiba HX-22CH 1985 CH
Toshiba HX-10I 1984 IT Toshiba HX-22GB 1985 UK
Toshiba HX-10P 1984 DE, IT, UK Toshiba HX-22I 1985 ES, IT
Toshiba HX-10S (Pasopia IQ) 1983 JP Toshiba HX-30 (Pasopia IQ) 1985 JP
Toshiba HX-10SA (Pasopia IQ) 1984 JP Toshiba HX-31 (Pasopia IQ) 1985 JP
Toshiba HX-10SF 1984 FI Toshiba HX-32 (Pasopia IQ) 1985 JP
Toshiba HX-20 (Pasopia IQ) 1984 JP Toshiba HX-51 1985 ES, IT
Toshiba HX-20AR 1986 AR Toshiba HX-52 1985 ES, IT
Model Year Region Model Year Region
MSX2 Toshiba FS-TM1 1986 IT Toshiba HX-33 (Pasopia IQ) 1985 JP
Toshiba HX-23 (Pasopia IQ) 1985 JP Toshiba HX-34 (Pasopia IQ) 1985 JP
Toshiba HX-23F (Pasopia IQ) 1985 JP


Product Description
Toshiba HX-J400 Joystick
Toshiba HX-J401 Joystick II
Toshiba HX-J800 Graphic Tablet

Network and I/O Interfaces

Product Description
Toshiba HX-E600 Additional I/O Slot for HX-10
Toshiba HX-E601 Slot Expander
Toshiba HX-GP10 IEEE-488 Interface Adapter
Toshiba HX-R700 RS-232C Interface Adapter
Toshiba HX-R701 RS-232C Upgrade kit for HX-20 (Japanese version),
HX-21 (Japanese version), HX-23, HX-23F and HX-32
Toshiba HX-R702 RS-232C Upgrade kit for HX-33
Toshiba HX-R703 RS-232C Upgrade kit for HX-34
Toshiba HX-???? Toshiba Modem 300/300, 1200/75
Toshiba HX-R730 Modem with Acoustic Coupler
Toshiba HX-R750 RS-232C cable

Power Supplies

Product Description
Toshiba FS-AA52 PSU for FS-TM1 computer

Printers and Scanners

Product Description
Toshiba HX-P500 Printer interface for HX-10D/HX-10S
Toshiba HX-P501 Printer cable
Toshiba HX-P550 Monochrome dot matrix printer
Toshiba HX-P560 Monochrome thermal transfer printer
Toshiba HX-P565 4 color 24 dot Kanji thermal transfer printer
Toshiba HX-P570 4 color plotter
Toshiba PA-7253 Monochrome dot matrix printer
Toshiba PA-7260 Printer
Toshiba PA-7270 Printer


Product Description
Toshiba HX-C800 Data recorder
Toshiba HX-C810 Data recorder
Toshiba HX-F100 External 3.5" 360kB FDD
Toshiba HX-F101 External 3.5" 360kB or 720kB FDD
Toshiba HX-F103 Second internal 3.5" 720kB FDD for HX-34
Toshiba HX-M250 16kB RAM expansion
Toshiba HX-M251 64kB RAM expansion
Toshiba HX-MFIDD 3.5" blank disk
Toshiba PA-7230 Data recorder
Toshiba VDP 50K VHD player with 3D VHD support
Toshiba VDP 881 VHD player
Toshiba XM-1000A CD-ROM drive (unreleased)
? Toshiba Quick Disk Drive


Product Description
Toshiba T6950 Video Display Processor
Toshiba T7766A Programable Sound Generator
Toshiba T7775 MSX-Engine
Toshiba T7937 MSX-Engine
Toshiba T9769 MSX-Engine
Toshiba TCX-1007 MSX-Engine
Toshiba TCX-1008 MSX-Engine
Toshiba TCX-1010 MSX-Engine
Toshiba TCX-1012 MSX-Engine
Toshiba TCX-2001 MSX-Engine
Toshiba TCX-2002 MSX-Engine
Toshiba TMP82C55A Intel i8255A PPI compatible
Toshiba TMP84C00A Zilog Z80 CPU compatible


Product Description
Toshiba HX-M200 Kanji-ROM Level 1 (JIS 1)
Toshiba HX-M210 Kana to Kanji conversion cartridge
Toshiba HX-M220 Kanji-ROM Level 1 & 2 (JIS 1 + JIS 2)
Toshiba HX-MU900 MSX-AUDIO cartridge
Toshiba HX-MU901 Music keyboard for HX-MU900
Toshiba HX-S501 Japanese Word Processor
Toshiba HX-S665 English Word Processor
Toshiba HX-T300 NTSC RF Converter
Toshiba HX-T330 Superimpose unit
Toshiba HX-T331 Remote control for HX-T330
Toshiba HX-T350 RGB21 cable
Toshiba HX-VT10A 80 column cartridge
Toshiba RM-001 Home computer test Rom for HX-10
Toshiba TVC-15P RGB21 cable with adapter








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