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VDP means Video Display Processor, it's the term used for the video chip in the MSX world.

The following video chips are used on the MSX system:

There were also plans to use the Yamaha V9978, but this chip was not ready for the release of the MSX Turbo R, the last generation of MSX computers.

Generally, the VDP is a separate chip, but a few MSX1 machines have the Toshiba T6950 integrated in the Toshiba T7937 MSX-Engine.

All MSXs VDP have its dedicated RAM called VRAM. This VRAM is not shared with the CPU. However some manufacturers added it to the RAM in the specifications of the computer.

Besides these VDP's, there is also a Video Display Controller (VDC), the Yamaha 99C37-F used only in the NTT Captain Multi-Station computer.