Chat et Souris
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Chat et Souris (Cat and Mouse) is a small game released as listing by the French magazine Tilt. It has been created by Claude Sablatou and published in issue 24 of September 1985.


Chat et Souris


Speedy the mouse likes cheese and the cat loves Speedy. What could be a beautiful love story to three turns into a crossover without respite.

To move Speedy, simply use a joystick or the arrow keys. Speedy has to go twice over the 'boxes' of the cheese to eat it all.

Note: The printed listing is buggy, because specific MSX characters are wrongly displayed in lines 480 to 570. However, line 860 gives indications about these characters:

  • first character is the combination of CHR$(1) with CHR$(72) to give the 8th special character (the listing displays only the letter H, that is the 8th letter of the alphabet, but ignores the special character)
  • second character is CHR$(219)

As typing these characters is not easy, it's better to replace them by strings. Lines 480 to 570 need therefore to be modified and a line 485 must be added as follows:

480 CLS:LOCATE 10,0:PRINT"SCORE:";SC:H1$=CHR$(1)+CHR$(72):H2$=CHR$(219)
485 PRINT H1$;H2$;H2$;H2$;H1$;H2$;H2$;H2$;H1$;H2$;"  <-- fromage"
490 PRINT H2$;H1$;H2$;H1$;H2$;H1$;H2$;H2$;H2$;H2$
500 PRINT H1$;H2$;H1$;H1$;H2$;H2$;H1$;H2$;H2$
510 PRINT H2$;H1$;H2$;H2$;H1$;H2$;H2$;H2$;H2$
520 PRINT H1$;H1$;H1$;H2$;H1$;H2$;H2$;H2$
530 PRINT H1$;H1$;H1$;H2$;H2$;H1$;H2$
540 PRINT H1$;H1$;H2$;H2$;H2$;H2$
550 PRINT H2$;H2$;H2$;H1$;H2$
560 PRINT H2$;H1$;H2$
570 PRINT H2$:PP=68

Olher improvements and corrections:

  • adding of ' (REM) in line 110 (required for a line without instruction)
  • adding of ' (REM) in line 120 before POKE &HFBB1,1 to enable CTRL+STOP
  • replacement of STRIG(0) by STRIG(JK) in line 380 for full joystick support