Clément Le Maçon
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Clément Le Maçon (Clement The Mason) is a big MSX game published by the French magazine Hebdogiciel. The listing has been divided in 3 parts (Issues 88, 89 and 90 of 21/06/85, 28/06/85 and 05/07/85). The game has been created by Jean-Pierre Marin.

In the skin of CLEMENT who is never tired, do your work of mason with all your heart…


Clément Le Maçon - intro screen
Clément Le Maçon - stage 1
Clément Le Maçon - stage 2


Clement is planning to finish the building of some houses and his work on each of them is divided into 2 stages.

1st stage :

He must finish the building of a wall with help of 30 bricks distributed on 3 pallets. For that, he must transport maximum 4 bricks and pose them one by one while jumping at the level of the missing bricks. When his work is done, he has access to the upper part of the house by using the lift.

2nd stage :

Our friend must now pose 20 tiles, initially located on 2 pallets, this in the same way as for the 1st stage.

You get an additional Clement plus a bonus after each stage and 10000 points for each house.

According the choice keyboard or joystick, you jump from a scaffolding to another one and avoid the cans, by pressing the spacebar or the trigger.

Note that a judicious use of the lift makes the game more easy.

When the game is over, type "J" to play again.

Difficulty levels :

  • 1st house, only one can
  • 2nd house, a can plus some buckets
  • 3rd house, 2 cans plus buckets
  • 4th house and following ones, identical to 3rd