Haesung Super Free Kick / Spinkick
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in 1988, the Korean company Haesung released 3 pirated versions of the Free Kick arcade game, published by Sega, this under the names of Spinkick and Super Free Kick.

They are emulated by the multi-arcade emulator MAME but are not MSX2 games as they handle differently the VDP addressing and the memory bank switching.

The MSX2 VDP is hidden in a big and heavy epoxy block. A second Z80 is present to drive sound. Extra logic has been added to handle a bit different (than in MSX2) rom banking. The MSX2 bios is contained in two of the seven roms found in this arcade game, and a third rom acts like an internal cartridge with the specific 41h 42h ("AB") signature at the beginning of the non-empty part of this rom. The sound is not provided by the classical PSG, but by an OPN chip.

The system is only meant to run the built-in game, and as such does not have a Data Recorder, Floppy drive or MSX cartridge slot. As such to run MSX programs on it, other then the integrated software there are a few barriers to overcome.

As some BIOS calls have been deleted by the Korean developers to skip the logo boot and the MSX BASIC screen, only some MSX/MSX2 games and demos in ROM format will work on the virtual machine, available for blueMSX as 'Haesung Virtual Console'.

Brand Haesung
Model Super Free Kick / Spinkick
Year 1988
Region South Korea
Launch price
RAM 128kB
VRAM 512kB
Video Yamaha V9938
Audio Yamaha YM2203C a.k.a. OPN (FM Operator Type-N)
Chipset none (separate IC's)
Keyboard layout no keyboard
Extras Second Z80
Emulation partially emulated as 'Haesung Virtual Console' in blueMSX (without the game)


Haesung Super Free Kick (version 1)
Haesung Super Free Kick (version 2)
Haesung Spinkick
Haesung game
Haesung score
Haesung PCB


The Haesung Super Free Kick / Spinkick arcade game hides a MSX2 with two Z80A (Z8400A).