Konami Game Master 2
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The Konami Game Master 2 is a sequel to the original Game Master. It supports more games, and has the addition of 8kB SRAM which can be used by select games to save progress or to save your own levels like in King's Valley II.

Unlike the original Game Master, the Game Master 2 was never officially released outside of Japan. The Japanese title is コナミの新10倍カートリッジ a contraction of コナミの新10倍楽しむカートリッジ which translates to "Konami's New cartridge to enjoy 10 times". It was released in 1987 for 5800 Yen.



Game Master 2 box
Game Master 2 cartridge
Game Master 2 with new battery

Slot order

Generally speaking you should put the Game Master 2 cartridge in slot 1 and the game in slot 2. This allows the Game Master to start, from where you can modify the settings. There are however a few exceptions where this must be reversed, these are:

  • Contra
  • Hai no Majutsushi

Supported Konami Cartridge games

Product Title Stage Select Lives High Score S-RAM
RC 700 Athletic Land Y Y Y N
RC 701 Antarctic Adventure Y N Y N
RC 702 Monkey Academy N Y Y N
RC 703 Time Pilot N Y Y N
RC 704 Frogger N Y Y N
RC 705 Super Cobra N Y Y N
RC 706 Konami’s Billiards (Video Hustler) N Y Y N
RC 707 Konami’s Mahjong N N Y N
RC 710 Hyper Olympic 1 (Track & Field 1) Y(1) N Y N
RC 711 Hyper Olympic 2 (Track & Field 2) Y(1) N Y N
RC 712 Circus Charlie Y Y Y N
RC 713 Magical Tree Y Y Y N
RC 714 Comic Bakery Y Y Y N
RC 715 Hyper Sports 1 Y N Y N
RC 716 Cabbage Patch Kids Y Y Y N
RC 717 Hyper Sports 2 Y N Y N
RC 718 Hyper Rally Y(2) N Y N
RC 720 Konami’s Tennis N N Y N
RC 721 Sky Jaguar Y Y Y N
RC 724 Konami’s Baseball N N Y N
RC 725 Yie Ar Kung Fu Y Y Y N
RC 727 King’s Valley Y Y Y N
RC 728 Mopi Ranger Y Y Y N
RC 729 Pippols N(3) Y Y N
RC 730 Road Fighter Y N Y N
RC 731 Konami’s Ping Pong N N Y N
RC 732 Konami’s Soccer (Konami’s Football) Y N N N
RC 733 Hyper Sports 3 Y(5) N Y N
RC 734 The Goonies Y N Y N
RC 736 Konami’s Boxing Y(4) N Y N
RC 737 Yie Ar Kung Fu 2 Y Y Y N
RC 739 Knightmare Y Y Y N
RC 740 Twin Bee Y Y Y N
RC 742 Gradius (Nemesis) Y Y Y N
RC 743 Penguin Adventure Y Y Y N
RC 744 Vampire Killer Y Y Y N
RC 745 King Kong 2 N N Y N
RC 746 Q-Bert Y Y Y N
RC 747 Hinotori (Firebird) Y Y Y N
RC 748 Ganbare Goemon Y Y Y N
RC 749 The Maze of Galious N N Y N
RC 750 Metal Gear N N Y N
RC 751 Gradius 2 (Nemesis 2) Y Y Y N
RC 752 F-1 Spirit N N Y N
RC 754 Shalom N N Y SHALM
RC 757 Pennant Race 1 N N Y PENAN
RC 758 Salamander Y Y Y N
RC 759 Parodius Y Y N PARO
RC 760 King’s Valley 2 (MSX1) Y Y Y FILE1
RC 761 King’s Valley 2 (MSX2) Y Y Y FILE1
RC 762 Contra N N N CONTR
RC 764 Gopher's Ambition Episode II (Nemesis 3) Y Y Y GOFE1
RC 765 Hai no Majutsushi N N N HAJAH
RC 766 Pennant Race 2 N N N PENA2
RC 767 Metal Gear 2 N N N SNAK1
RC 768 Space Manbow Y Y N N
  • (1) Difficulty does not change if more than 2 laps is set
  • (2) The value needed to qualify is fixed
  • (3) Only the background changes, the location on the map does not
  • (4) Works only a a PK match stage, if the stage settings are modified
  • (5) Difficulty is fixed