Le Diamant Bleu
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Le Diamant Bleu (The Blue Diamond) is a game published by the French magazine Hebdogiciel. The listing has been divided in 2 parts (Issues 117 and 118 of 10/01/86 and 17/01/86). The game has been created by Christophe Ruedin.

In the hope of getting the rare 'blue diamond', send your robot to face the dangers of the BORINGHTON hotel!


Le Diamant Bleu - intro screen
Le Diamant Bleu - stage 1
Le Diamant Bleu - stage 2
Le Diamant Bleu - stage 3
Le Diamant Bleu - stage 4
Le Diamant Bleu - the blue diamond


This game has 4 stages. You only have one life.

1st stage: jump over the different objects that block the passage.

2nd stage: try to climb to the top of the ladder avoiding falling stones. Enjoy your stop on the small walls to take the heart and the orange that will earn you a few points. Warning! Your robot who has the phobia of the scales is unable to retrace his steps.

3rd stage: guide the arrowhead and fire into the target behind the ladder to complete the missing bar.

4th stage: jump over the holes avoiding touching the arrow.

To take the diamond in the safe, just press the space bar or the fire button.

Note: The published listing is for playing with the joystick. However, keyboard support has been added on the modified version available on the net.