Le Mur
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Le Mur (The Wall) is a small game released as listing by the French magazine Micro 7. It has been created by Jacques-Henri De Beauvais and published in issue 26 of 04/85.

Cross the Berlin Wall!


Le Mur


While navigating in all four directions using the arrow keys (or joystick), you must avoid patrolling vehicles, barbed wire, and go to the wall.

There, the hero will automatically place a bomb. You need then to go back to the bottom of the screen and position yourself so that your left hand touches the button of the detonator.

Pressing the spacebar (or the joystick button) will explode a portion of the wall through which you can pass. You need only then to cross the motorway, where the vehicles go significantly faster, to reach West Berlin.

After 5 collisions with a vehicle or barbed wire, the game is over.

Note: The published listing is for playing with the keyboard.

To add joystick support:

  • replace STICK(0) by STICK(0)ORSTICK(1) in line 340
  • replace STRIG(0)ON by STRIG(0)ON:STRIG(1)ON in line 390
  • replace STRIG(0)OFF by STRIG(0)OFF:STRIG(1)OFF in line 390