Lightpen connector
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Daewoo Lightpen connector
Sanyo Lightpen connector

The connector for Sanyo's lightpen is the EB-DIO M06 (female) and SE-DIO M06 (male). These connectors are the same as used for PS/2 keyboards or mice (But not electronically compatible). The Lightpen cartridge does not have connector, as the pen is permanently attached.

The connector used for the Daewoo lightpen is a 5-pin DIN.


Daewoo connector pinout

Pinout numbering
Pin Name Description
1 +5V DC +5V power source (50mA)
2 AMP Gain
3 GND Ground
4 LPD Lightpen detection
5 LPS Lightpen switch

Sanyo connector pinout

Pinout numbering
Pin Name Description

Machines with lightpen connector

This connector can be found on only a few MSX computers, manufactured by Daewoo or Sanyo. They all have a built-in lightpen interface (it still needs to be checked for the Sanyo MPC-27 and MPC-X).

Model Generation Connector
AVT CPC-300 MSX2 Daewoo
Bawareth Perfect MSX2 MSX2 Daewoo
Daewoo CPC-300 MSX2 Daewoo
Daewoo CPC-400 MSX2 Daewoo
Daewoo CPC-400S MSX2 Daewoo
Sanyo MPC-10 MSX1 Sanyo
Sanyo MPC-10mkII MSX1 Sanyo
Sanyo MPC-11 MSX1 Sanyo
Sanyo MPC-27 MSX2 Sanyo
Sanyo MPC-X (*) MSX1 Sanyo
Talent DPC-300 MSX2 Daewoo
Wandy CPC-300 MSX2 Daewoo

(*) Graphic Expander Unit