MP3 player
This page was last modified 03:15, 28 May 2021 by Gdx. Based on work by Rderooy and Retrofan.

Sunrise MP3 player cartridge with 2 jack connectors: LINE OUT and AUX IN.

LINE OUT must be used for MP3 player output to amplifier.

AUX IN must be used for re-routing other sound cartridges like Music Module or MoonSound. To activate AUX IN just execute PLAYMP3.COM without parameters (on Turbo-R first enter Z80 mode due to bug, command CPU 0 in MSX-DOS 2.44 and after activating AUX IN returning to R800 mode with CPU 2) This way you can connect other soundcartridges to MP3 player and save one input on audio mixer like Skytec TEC-250

Setting AUX IN is reset protected, preferable to add those commands in AUTOEXEC.BAT file. More information can be found over here MP3 player can also be used with Symbos


Sunrise MP3 player cartridge
Sunrise MP3 player cartridge topside
Sunrise MP3 player PCB