MSX Mozaïk 07
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MSX Mozaïk 07



Published in April/May 1986.

Main content

General info

  • Review of 2 books
  • Tips
  • MSX2 (2)
  • Diskettes
  • MSX2 connectors

Hardware reviews

  • Brother HR-5 printer
  • Philips D6450 data recorder
  • Micro Technology MT-Telcom modem

Software reviews


Hangman, Interest Calculator and Maidenhead Locator are available on the Best of MSX Mozaïk 1986 disk (GALGJE.BAS, RENTE.BAS and MHLOCKS2.BAS files).


Title Author Generation
Character Changer
F.G. Jonkeren MSX1
Color Mark (Kleurteken) F.G. Jonkeren MSX1


Title Author Generation Soundchips Notes
Hangman (Galgje) L. Cozynsen MSX1 PSG Part 2 of the listing


Title Author Generation Notes
Antilist F.G. Jonkeren MSX1
Functionkeys (Functietoetsen) F.G. Jonkeren MSX1
Interest Calculator
C.M.F. Essenburg MSX1 Includes intro demo
and PSG music
List Protection
F.G. Jonkeren MSX1
Maidenhead Locator C.M. Hopstaken MSX1 PSG music
Reset F.G. Jonkeren MSX1
Stopkey F.G. Jonkeren MSX1
Videotapes (Videobanden) M. Diepgrond MSX1 Part 1 of the listing