MSX Mozaïk 12
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MSX Mozaïk 12



Published in January/February 1987.

Main content

General info

  • Mini-smart cable
  • Interview with Kees Westera (MSX Softshop)
  • Review of 4 books
  • Tips and Tricks (1)

Hardware reviews

  • Comx PL-80 printer/plotter

Software reviews


Part of this software can be found on the Best of MSX Mozaïk 1987 disk with probably some extras. However, more precise details are missing.


Title Author Generation
Ellipse (Ellips) MSX Mozaïk MSX1
Spiral Triangle MSX Mozaïk MSX1


Title Author Generation Soundchips Notes
MSX Mozaïk MSX1 PSG New version of the game initially
published in MSX Computer Magazine 01


Title Author Generation Notes
Baud Speed R. Brink MSX1
Dutch Error Messages
(Foutmeldingen in het Nederlands)
Robbert Wethmar
A. Stam
MSX1 Version 2 - Also for programming mode
Use first ROM-RAM (see MSX Mozaïk 10)
Only for MSX1 with 64kB RAM
Fast Copy (Snel Kopiëren) MSX Mozaïk MSX1
Hex/Ascii Dump Change Micro Applicatie MSX1
LlistMSX Holland Micro Post MSX1
Mini Master Voice R. Brink MSX1
Print To Lprint (Print Naar Lprint) H. Arts MSX1
Xbaud13 MSX Mozaïk MSX1