MSX Mozaïk 30
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MSX Mozaïk 30



Published in December 1990.

Main content

General info

  • 1985 Retrospective (1)
  • Turbo Pascal (1)
  • The line-interrupt
  • The MSX-BASIC COPY instruction
  • Teletext
  • Tips and Tricks (14)
  • Time Sharing on MSX
  • Radio communication and computers

Hardware reviews

Software reviews


This software can also be found on the MSX Mozaïk Super Disk, with some extras (SCC-BASIC, digitized pictures in screen 12, musical files, etc.)


Title Author Generation
Line-Interrupt Demo Walter Meester MSX2


Title Author Generation Soundchips
Kanji Blues Andries Minnaard MSX1 MSX-MUSIC + PSG

Playing tips