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MSX View is a operating system for MSX turbo R based on MSX-DOS to work. MSX View is the successor of Halnote. HALNOTE applications are compatible with MSX View.

The first version was released for the Panasonic FS-A1ST on 3 diskettes and a cartridge containing a specific non-standard Kanji-ROM Levels 1 and 2 (JIS1 + JIS2)

The Panasonic FS-A1GT has MSX View and the Kanji-ROM included in its firmware in the form of a ROM-disk (C: drive).

MSX View ('MSX-Windows') was developed by ASCII Corporation and HAL Laboratory. MSX View contains software such as Page Edit, Page Link, Page View, VDraw, VPaint, VShell and VTed.

Several public domain font roms compatible with the MSX View's rom cartridge are available. They can be either loaded to an ESE-RAM or similar device for real MSX, or used with an emulator. However they are not autodetected and must be manually designated as an ASCII 8k mapper rom to be properly recognized by MSX View.


MSX View package
MSX View contents box
MSX View side-back box
MSX View Kanji ROM PCB


Related Software

  • MultiMente supports the MSX View Kanji-ROM.
  • DM-System2 provides a driver to support the MSX View Kanji-ROM.

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