Mitsubishi ML-35AV
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The ML-35AV is an audio-video interface created by Mitsubishi to be inserted in the ML-G30 Model 1 and ML-G30 Model 2 computers.

It adds superimposing, digitizing and Telop capacities to the computer, which losts the RF output, but is enhanced with several connectors.

Launch price: ¥20,000

Note that this interface has never been sold outside Japan.


Mitsubishi ML-G30 back with the ML-35AV interface installed
Mitsubishi ML-35AV PCB
Mitsubishi ML-35AV PCB underside


  • RGB21 connector
  • 2 audio in connectors
  • 2 audio out connectors (instead of only one without this interface)
  • Video in connector
  • Video out connector (already present without this interface)