Mitsubishi ML-TS2
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The ML-TS2 is a very special MSX2 computer, also called the telephone-computer. It has only 64Kb RAM and is without any disk drive.

it was the first MSX personal computer to be equipped with not only JIS Level 1 but also Level 2 Kanji-ROM as standard.

There are 2 versions of this machine:

  • the ML-TS2 is provided without telephone and covers the location reserved for that
  • the ML-TS2H has this device built-in

Both versions come with a specific slot doubler (EX-Box). The power supply ID87 is external.

Brand Mitsubishi
Model ML-TS2
Year 1987-11
Region Japan
Launch price ¥65,000 for the ML-TS2
¥75,000 for the ML-TS2H
¥10,000 for the ML-TS2 to ML-TS2H kit (ML-HS)
RAM 64kB in slot 3-2 + 8kB SRAM
VRAM 128kB
Media MSX cartridges
Video Yamaha V9938
Audio PSG (YM2149 integrated in MSX-Engine S1985)
Chipset Yamaha S1985
Keyboard layout QWERTY/JP50on + numeric keypad
Extras Telecom firmware, Modem, MSX-Modem BASIC, Kanji-ROM level 1 & 2, slot doubler, (only on ML-TS2H) dedicated telephone
Emulation partially emulated - the firmware ROM needs to be checked more deeply


The firmware of this Telecom Station is automatically launched after booting. From MSX-BASIC, you can access it with CALL TELECOM or _TELECOM.

You can enter the phone numbers of friends and acquaintances in the electronic phone book, and register the host station.

If you press CTRL+SPACE, you access the mode in which you can enter Kuten (区点) codes, one of the character codes used in Japan.

It specifies the character position in decimal numbers in the "graphic character code table" that lists the characters used in the standard JIS Kanji code. It is indicated by a combination of two integers from 1 to 94.

By entering a number, one kanji character will be displayed.

When you are online, pressing SHIFT+SELECT will turn the bottom line of the screen into a conversion area, where you can input.

This firmware also includes MSX-Modem BASIC.



Mitsubishi ML-TS2H box
Mitsubishi ML-TS2
Mitsubishi ML-TS2 PCB
Mitsubishi ML-TS2 underside
Mitsubishi ML-TS2H
Mitsubishi ML-TS2 manual
Mitsubishi ML-TS(H) power supply
ML-TS2(H) slot doubler
Mitsubishi ML-TS2H label
Mitsubishi ML-TS2 label
ML-TS2(H) slot doubler inserted
Mitsubishi ML-TS2H + slot doubler and PSU
Mitsubishi ML-TS2H box + content
Mitsubishi ML-TS2(H) back


Intro screen
Telecom firmware
Kuten mode


The ML-TS2 is a MSX2 with one or two cartridge slots, a Z80A from NEC (D780C-1) and an MSX-Engine S1985 from Yamaha. The modem speed is 300/1200bps. The keypad is made up of ten numbers and a RET key only. It is intended to dial a phone number.

Power supply adapter specifications:

  • Input: 100V, 14VA
  • Output: AC 8V, 1.2A and +8.5V, 0.1A

Slot Map

Slot 0 Slot 1 Slot 2 3-0 3-1 3-2 3-3
Page C000h~FFFFh Cartridge
Page 8000h~BFFFh
Page 4000h~7FFFh Main-ROM Network*
Page 0000h~3FFFh Sub-ROM Modem

(*) The 64kB firmware rom is in slot 3-1, it has a mapper and is composed of 8 blocks of 8kB. It has also 8kB SRAM.