National CF-2601
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The CF-2601 is a specific NTSC superimpose unit for the MSX1 National CF-3000/CF-3300. It was sold as an option.

In front of the unit, the input source can be selected (RGB or analog) and you can control the video, audio mix and superimpose level. At the back there is a potentiometer to adjust the balance between red and green.

Brand National
Model CF-2601
Year 1985
Region JP
Launch price ¥148,000
Package content
Emulation Not emulated


National CF-2601
National CF-2601 back
National CF-2601 label
National CF-2601 manual
National CF-2601 front (left)
National CF-2601 front (right)
National CF-2601 back (left)
CF-2601 back (right)


  • RGB21 input (not Scart)
  • RCA stereo audio and analog video input
  • RCA stereo audio and analog video output
  • Centronics superimpose port for the National CF-3000 or CF-3300
  • Power outlet (100V)