National FS-CR1008S
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The National FS-CR1008S is a data cartridge used to backup National Japanese word processors, firmware data and also the data of the Ricoh RP-5C01 clock chip on the following MSX2 National computers:

The data are saved on a 8kB SRAM (Static RAM) and a little battery preserves them when the computer is off.

A switch on top of cartridge allows to enable or disable "Memory Power", so you can disable the cartridge SRAM when you prefer to use the SRAM built in the FS-4500, FS-4600F and FS-4700.

Note: It can probably also be used with the Panasonic FS-PW1 printer, but it needs to be checked.

Brand National
Model FS-CR1008S
Year 1986
Region JP
Launch price ¥12,800
Package content
Emulation Not emulated


National FS-CR1008S box (back)
National FS-CR1008S
National FS-CR1008S with box
National FS-CR1008S switch