National FS-SR022
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The National FS-SR022 is a cartridge with dictionary conversion tool released in 1985.

It's an improvement of the Kanji dictionary available in the FS-4000. It allows indeed to convert Japanese characters to corresponding kanji or word. However, the procedure is not compatible with the one used by MSX-JE. The dictionary contains about 22000 basic words including proper nouns such as place names and personal names and abundant affix processing.

The insertion of this cartridge in a slot of the FS-4000 has as result to convert it into a MSX1 version of the FS-4500, without the Address Book & Name Card utility. There are indeed 5 roms of 32kB in the FS-SR022, 4 of them (= 128kB) contain the Dictionary (Jisho), the 5th contains the Dictionary Conversion Tool (Bunsetsu Henkan Jisho).

This cartridge does not include a Kanji-ROM, the tool will actually use the Kanji-ROM (JIS1) that is present in the FS-4000.

Product name: 文節変換熟語ユニット which translates to "Phrase transformation idiomatic unit" (not MSX-JE!)

Launch price: ¥14,800


National FS-SR022 cartridge
National FS-SR022 PCB
National FS-SR022 underside
National FS-SR022 manual
National FS-SR022 box
FS-SR022 box (back and front)