Panasonic FS-JH1
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The Panasonic FS-JH1 Joy Handle is a steering wheel sold in Japan, which included the Konami racing game A1 Spirit. Two operating modes can be selected: steering wheel or joystick, the later to support other racing games. The large case of the Joy Handle is meant to support a monitor being placed on top.

The connector on the back is a DIN connector with the text トリガーA、B入端子 which translates to "Trigger A, B input terminal". It would appear this is to provide support for optional pedals, which it would seem were never released.

A1 Spirit is a slightly modified version of F-1 Spirit adapted for use with the steering wheel.

The game Out Run (MSX2 version) was also advertised as being compatible with the FS-JH1. And F-1 Spirit 3D Special was also shown in Panasonic ads with the Joy Handle. It is unclear if these games support the steering wheel mode or only the joystick mode.

Its handle looks strikingly similar, if not identical, to the Sega Handle Controller. Maybe Hori produced both controllers as OEM, first for Panasonic and later a more compact version for Sega.

Unfortunately, the protocol used by this controller when set to analog mode is yet unknown, not even if it's the same protocol used by the Sega Handle Controller.

The handle of the front-left side of the unit works as a standard joystick. Next to it are the trigger buttons, their function is duplicated on the steering handle buttons. There are two sliders that can be used as auto-triggers.

The position of the steering handle is read using three optical sensors. Looking at them from the back of the unit, the center sensor detects left or right position. The left one detects first angle, and the right one detects second angle. This makes a total of 5 positions: left-most, left, center, right and right-most.

When the handle is in the first angle, a 1 hz pulse is sent to the joystick port. When the handle is in the second angle, a fixed pulse is sent to the joystick port.

Brand Panasonic
Model FS-JH1
Region Japan
Launch price ¥19,800
Package content


Panasonic FS-JH1 packaging
Panasonic FS-JH1
Panasonic FS-JH1 box
Panasonic FS-JH1 sensors
Panasonic FS-JH1 back
FS-JH1 back connector
Panasonic FS-JH1 underside
Panasonic FS-JH1 right side
Panasonic FS-JH1 SN label
Panasonic FS-JH1 manuals


There are two hidden screws behind the fake driver head unit display sticker. To avoid damaging this sticker, it is recommended to start dissasembling the steering handle: remove the big bolt that holds it to the steering bar, then remove the 6 screws to separate de two halves.

Remove three screws on the bottom side, 4 screws on the sides and 2 screws on the back. This will dislodge the main cover and the front of the unit, you will be able to pass the steering bar and the switches through the hole and remove the whole assembly.

The optical sensors are quite sensitive and the state of the reflector can affect the readings. If it has black spots due to rust or other defects, misreads can happen. Application of adhesive aluminum foil can help to fix the issues.