Panasonic FW-RSU1W
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The Panasonic FW-RSU1W is an image scanner, mainly designed to be used with the personal word processors U1 series.

However, a special interface FS-IFA1 was also sold to make it compatible with MSX2 and higher computers.

The image scanner is equipped with two slide switches, a potentiometer and a push button:

  • the slide switch with the positions 4/6/8 allows to choose the width of the picture zone read by the scanner
  • the slide switch marked 2/16 allows to choose between pure monochrome or dithering (that will create gray tones)
  • the potentiometer allows to adjust the brightness
  • you can start the scanning by using the push button

It was only sold in Japan.

Brand Panasonic
Model FW-RSU1V
Region Japan
Launch price ¥24,800 + tax
Package content


FW-RSU1W box and content
Panasonic FW-RSU1W
Panasonic FW-RSU1W back
Panasonic FW-RSU1W box
Panasonic FW-RSU1W underside
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